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Ivan Velesov: The return of the romantic

A solo concert of the bright pianist Vesselin Stanev took place yesterday in the Rachmaninoff’s hall of the Moscow State Conservatory. The critics say he is a first-class master with exquisite taste, expressing naked emotions. Stanev was awarded the first prize at Chaykovsky’s International contest – for the best interpretation of the great composer’s work. Later, he became famous for his solo performances with Bamberg orchestra at the festival in Bad Rogase (Switzerland), and also at the festival “Music Summer in Vienna.” Stanev is the winner of such international prizes like Margarita Long and Jacques Tibo contests, he was awarded the special prizes of the Prince of Monaco, “Young Musicians of France.” Stanev recorded his CDs at his motherland – with Ferencz Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Chopin, Brahms, Schumann’s works. Stanev studied at the Moscow conservatory, his teacher was Dmitry Bashkirov, who in his turn was Alexander Goldenweser’s student – a concert-giving, tactful teacher. Then Stanev studied with Aleksis Vayssenberg for four years in Paris and he also had classes at the national conservatory. Stanev toured the whole of Europe and Asia with concerts; the audience in London, Vienna, Copenhagen, Milan, Prague and Helsinki had a chance to enjoy Stanev musical art. This year Stanev visited Moscow with a serious program. Although, one may not say that the last year’s program was easy. Brahms, Liszt, Schumann required the art of virtuosity, musical earnestness, and the real feelings – all of these things come with life experience. The delicate performance and the variety of colours, calm thoughts – this is what that concert gave to remember. The current selection of the works testifies to musician’s undoubted creative progress and his maturity. Robert Schumann’s Kreisleriana Op.16 is, like Chaykovsky said, - Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann’s fantasies in Shumann’s interpretation. 15 variations and the fugue on the theme of The Creatures of Prometheus ballet demand a very exquisite and subtle piano mastering. Chopin’s etude are one of the most difficult works to perform. A more mature maestro indeed visited us this year – a musician with the virtuosity technique, with his own civil position. Stanev has not changed his principles – he still plays the romantic music, passionately, dramatically, sincerely believing he will wake good feelings in people’s souls. The autumn concerts of this Bulgarian world-known pianist in Moscow seem to become a good tradition. We will be eagerly waiting for the next visit.

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