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Turkish and Swiss players fight in tunnel after match

Turkish and Swiss players fought in the tunnel on the way to the lockeroom following their World Cup playoff Wednesday, and one Swiss player was reportedly hospitalized.

Defender Stephane Grichting was taken to Acibadem hospital following the scuffle, the Anatolia news agency reported.

Switzerland player Benjamin Huggel kicked Turkey trainer Mehmet Ozdilek as the two teams entered the tunnel after the game, but it is unclear what prompted Huggel.

Turkey's Alpay Ozalan then tried to kick Huggel in retaliation, but instead made contact with a Switzerland player in front of him.

Huggel then hit Ozalan on the back of the head and the two players wrestled each other to the ground, after which a number of other players joined in.

Acidem Hospital confirmed that a Swiss player was admitted for treatment, but would give no details on his condition, Anatolia said. Switzerland coach Kobi Kuhn also confirmed the hospitalization, Anatolia said.

Tensions were high even before the crucial match, with the Turkish team complaining of ill treatment in the first leg in Bern, Switzerland.

Turkey coach Fatih Terim said Switzerland striker Alexander Frei cursed at him and gave him the finger after the first match, but Frei denies doing so.

Turkey won Wednesday's match 4-2, but Switzerland qualified for the World Cup finals on away goals, AP reports.

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