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Russian Composer Nominated for Russia-Belarus Union State Award

18.02.2003 | Source:



The Russian Union of Composers has nominated composer Vladimir Dashkevich for the Russia-Belarus Union award in literature and art. He authored music for more than 100 films and the Bedbug opera based on a poem by famous Soviet poet of the 1920s Vladimir Mayakovsky. The opera is a success in many theatres of the world.

The Russia-Belarus Union State award is given once in two years. The main criterion in selecting the nominees is their public contribution to the consolidation between the two countries in the sphere of culture, literature and arts. The first Union awards were presented last September to well-known Russian film and theatre actor Alexei Petrenko, Belarussian playwright Alexei Dudarev and Belarussian writer Ivan Shemyakin.


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