Source Pravda.Ru

Russian sumo wrestler participates in the Japanese championship

Russian Ruslan Borzov is successfully performing at the National Sumo championship in Nagoya (Japan).

The 22-year old sportsman whose height is 193 cm and weight is 135 kg and who is known in the sumo world under the name of "Rojo" resides and trains in Japan.

Ruslan Borzov who for the first time obtained the right to take part in the all-Japanese tournament stated that "sumo was a very difficult kind of sport and he was very happy with his win." The sportsman confessed to journalists that after his successful performance at the ring on Friday he intended to call his parents to share with them the joy of the victory.

In the recent years the sumo popularity among foreign wrestlers has been visibly growing. In 2001 19 sportsmen from 5 countries of the world, including Georgia and Russia, joined professional sumo wrestlers' ranks.

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