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Maestro Valery Gergiyev, Kirov Theatre, to Play Mozart's Music at Festival in Mikkeli, Finland

Of the available 7,000 tickets to the musical festival in Mikkeli, Finland, 6,000 have been sold. The organisers believe this illustrates public's great interest for the event, which is no wonder, considering that Maestro Valery Gergiyev, the festival's art director for the past 10 years, will play an unusual role.

According to Kari Moring, the Administrative Director of the festival, during a jubilee concert on June 29, Maestro Gergiyev will personally perform a piano party in Mozart's F Major concerti for 3 pianos and orchestra. The other soloists will be Sarah Wolfensohn and Alexander Toradze.

On June 30, in Mikkeli, the Maestro will conduct the Skythian Suite by Sergei Prokofiev and the Fifth Symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich performed by the orchestra of the Mariinsky (Kirov) theatre.

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