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Reporter's notebook 110th birth anniversary of great Russian chess-player Alexander Alekhin marked in Argentina

A solemn soiree was held in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires on Wednesday devoted to the 110th birth anniversary of great Russian chess player Alexander Alekhin.

The party organised by Roszarubezhtsenter was attended by leaders of the Argentinian Chess Club and the Argentinian Chess Federation.

The event is significant also because 75 years ago Alekhin's dream came true precisely in Buenos Aires when he won the title of the world's chess champion. The partners played without restricting the number of games. The victory over Jose Raul Capablanca, Cuba, was a brilliant sport achievement of Alekhin who proved his indisputable right to possess a chess crown.

The Roszarubezhtsenter representatives rendered the Argentinian government its due. Its material support made it possible to organise this significant event in Buenos Aires in 1927. Otherwise, Alekhin could not fulfil the financial conditions for the organisation of the tournament, advanced by then champion Capablanca. It was necessary not only to contribute 10,000 dollars in gold equivalent but also to pay for the travelling and accommodation expenses.

The organisers of the party, which was held in the Russia House, attempted to recreate the situation in which the well-known match was held. One could see the chairs and table with a chess board at which Alekhin and Capablanca played. The international grand chess master, Argentinian Daniel Alpern not only said about the match but also about the final positions of a number of games.

The witness of the historic tournament, former champion of the Argentinian Chess Club and ex-champion of South America, 94-year old Aron Schwarzman recalls that everybody was sure that Capablanca will win. But during the match, he says, superiority of Alekhin in creative phantasy and in combinative game became evident.