Source Pravda.Ru

Russian, Tajik alpinists to climb unsubdued peak in Pamir

A group of Russian and Tajik Alpinists intend to climb one of the unsubdued peaks in Pamir 5,800-6,000 metres high.

The team will spend the first stage of the expedition (July 24 - August 3) in the Fan Mountains (Pamira-Alay), deputy head of the Tajik Emergencies Ministry department Oleg Pilko told RIA Novosti on Wednesday. The Alpinists will do rock, ice and rope exercises.

The second stage of the expedition will be held near the Darvaz Range. There are peaks, where Alpinists have never climbed before. According to Pilko, the Alpinists asked the Tajik government to name the mountain "The Peak of People's Friendship".

The Alpinist expedition is sponsored by the Russian State Duma and the Olympic Committee, the Tajik Emergencies Ministry and the National Olympic Committee, the UN and the International Association of Alpinism and Mountain-Climbing.