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Meeting of CIS Council on cultural cooperation opens in Moscow

A meeting of the CIS Council on cultural cooperation opened at the state musical theatre of national art on the eve of the 1st international festival of national art of the Commonwealth of Independent States, staring in Moscow on Wednesday.

Russian Minister of Culture Mikhail Shvydkoi and his CIS counterparts Polad Byul-byul ogly (Azerbaijan), Leonid Gulyako (Belarus), Ion Pekuraru (Moldova), Karomatullo Olimov (Tajikistan) and Yuri Bogutsky (Ukraine), Georgian and Armenian ambassadors to Russia and Kazakh and Kirghiz representatives participate in the meeting.

They discuss the organisation and financing of a long-term project on holding the international festival of CIS national art. The council plans to make this international festival a tradition and to hold it in the capitals of CIS countries. The Belarussian Minister of Culture proposed to hold the second festival in Minsk the next year and to fix the time of this international holiday - late September and early October.

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