Source Pravda.Ru

Russian Patriarch Presented With Amphora Of Antarctic Water

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexis II was presented Tuesday with an amphora of Antarctic water which is as old as Jesus Christ. According to the President of the international human-environment interaction union, Georgy Lazarev, the amphora contains some five millilitres of water whose molecules carry information which is two thousand years old. Lazarev said the water was collected in 1999 in the Antarctic Vostok station by a Russian expedition. He said the molecules of water are carrying unique information concerning events that happened two millennia ago. The Patriarch said the water of the beginning of the Christian era is a shrine. He also called it evidence for scientists' hard labour of investigating Antarctica and the nature of the Earth, which is by itself an epic deed. According to him, amphorae with equal quantities of antarctic water were presented in May of 2000 to the leaders of three Slavonic states - Vladimir Putin of Russia, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus and Ukraine's Leonid Kuchma.