Source Pravda.Ru

Russians massively break traffic rules on Crimea Bridge

According to Crimea Bridge information center, many Russians traveling on the bridge connecting mainland Russia and the Crimean Peninsula massively violate traffic rules.

The most common violation is making a stop for taking a selfie.

Most frequently, drivers make a stop on the bridge for a selfie in the area of the archway and entrance from the Taman shore. It was said that the traffic police were already addressing the issue to prevent such incidents.

The Crimea Bridge was launched on May 16, 2018. The first traffic violation was recorded the same day, when tens of vehicles stopped on the archway for taking pictures.

The Crimea Bridge is 19 kilometres long. It runs across the Kerch Strait and presently remains the longest bridge in Europe. Many Ukrainian politicians did not believe that Russia would be able to build the Crimean bridge. Predicting the failure of the venture, they referred to "earth break ups," "unfit seafloor," "the lack of technology and money," and so on.

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