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James Lawrence swims, cycles and runs over 50 States in 50 days

An American triathlete James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy will become a record-breaker of The Guinness Book after his last Ironman distance.

The distance consists of a 4-km swim, then a 180-km bicycle ride, and a 42.2-km marathon run.

Lawrence showed that human performance knows no bounds. His Ironman lasted 50 days in 50 States of America. During this time he swam 190 km, rode 9,000 km and ran 2110 km.

James's wife Sunny challenged him, when he was 28 years old, inspiring to do a 1,6-km 'fun run'.

During these 50 days, James had not to only manage to recover, but also relocate to another State. Lawrence decided to finish in Hawaii, where the triathlon arouse.

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