Source Pravda.Ru

Indonesian boxer dies after fight

An Indonesian boxer died in hospital after undergoing brain surgery following a fight, the latest in a long line of deaths linked to the sport in the country, a doctor said Wednesday.

Anis Dwi Mulya, 27, died Tuesday, five days after being admitted to a hospital in the capital, Jakarta, where doctors performed brain surgery, neurologist Tunggul Marpaung said.

Mulya was admitted after Thursday night's junior-lightweight bout, broadcast live on a local TV station and stopped in the sixth round.

Mulya was not knocked out during the fight with fellow Indonesian Irvan Bone, but had complained afterward of feeling dizzy, local media had reported.

Marpaung said Mulya's family had refused to allow the body to be autopsied, obstructing efforts to find the cause of the death.

Mulya is at least the 23rd Indonesian boxer to have died in the country's boxing history. The last fatality was in 2006, reports AP.

In 2002, the World Boxing Council banned Indonesian boxers from fighting in WBC-sanctioned bouts outside the country following a series of deaths in 2001. The ban was lifted in July 2002 on the condition that Indonesia imposes safety rules and forms a commission to monitor matches.

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