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Ukraine's Salita remains unbeaten

Unbeaten Ukraine boxer Dmitry Salita remained in contention for a junior welterweight title bout, extending his winning streak to 28 with a unanimous 10-round decision over American Grover Wiley at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Thursday.

Salita (27-0-1) staggered Wiley (30-9-1) with a series of body punches in the seventh round.

"I wanted the knockout," Salita said. "But there was that delay in Wiley recovering his mouthpiece in the seventh round and that helped him get a second wind, reports AP.

"The knockout was what I wanted, but I have to be satisfied that I got the win and remain in contention for a title shot."

Salita weighed in at 143 pounds (65 kilograms) to 141Ѕ (64) for Wiley.

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