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State Duma Calls on International Community to Stop Escalation of Tension in Iraq

01.11.2002 | Source:



The State Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament) has called on the international community to take all the necessary measures to prevent further escalation of tension in Iraq and another threat of war.

It is the key issue of the State Duma statement titled "In view of the Iraqi problem." The deputies express support for the stance of the Russian President and Government in connection with the Iraqi conflict. They are concerned about the threat which a possible US-led operation aimed at overthrowing the Iraqi government may pose to that Middle East country.

The statement notes that by now the United States has provided no convincing evidence of Iraq's developing weapons of mass destruction. The deputies regard the Iraqi government's decision to allow the UN weapons inspectors to resume their work in the country as an important step.

"The State Duma condemns the US intentions to impose on the UN Security Council a resolution authorizing military strikes against Iraq," the State Duma statement declares.

"The US unilateral policy towards Iraq may eventually lead to a global crisis and to the escalation of international terrorism," Russian parliamentarians point out.


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