Source Pravda.Ru

Ukraine invites Europe to do business

The third international economic forum has opened in Lvov. As a Rosbalt correspondent was informed by the press office of the Ukrainian Cabinet, the aim of the forum is to establish ties between governments and businesses and also to encourage greater integration in Eastern Europe.

The forum, which will last until October 4, will feature representatives of 11 different countries: Austria, Belarus, Germany, Italy, China, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, France and Japan. Top government officials from these countries have also been invited.

Representatives of international organisations such as the World Bank, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the Assembly of European Regions, the Carpathian Foundation and the European Regional Development Fund are also planning to attend.

As part of the forum there will also be a conference entitled Ukraine and the unification of Europe in the XXI century. The III international economic forum is being held under the patronage of Ukrainian Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich.

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