Source Pravda.Ru

Taliban Captured Prominent Afghan Pashtoon Leader Hamid Karzai

During fighting in the Uruzgan province the Taliban captured prominent Afghan Pashtoon leader Hamid Karzai, a supporter and adviser of the former king, the On-Line agency of Pakistan reported. A group of Karzai's supporters was encircled by the Taliban soldiers near Dekhrawad town. Four men from the detachment were killed and about ten were wounded. Like in the case with other Pashtoon leader Abdul Haq who was arrested and then executed by the Taliban last week, several US helicopters tried to land at Dekhrawad and to take Karzai away but the operation failed. Hamid Karzai, a prominent field commander in the past, fought in the southern provinces of Afghanistan before the Taliban seized power in the country in 1996. Reportedly, Hamid Karzai was staying in Afghanistan to enlist support for the former king on the part of some clans of Pashtoon tribes.