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British and Swedish men-of-war to visit Russian Baltic Fleet

On June 3rd, two ships of the Norwegian Navy and a British frigate will visit the Russian Baltic Fleet. According to the press service of the Russian Baltic Fleet, the Norwegian delegation headed by the commanders-in-chief of the Norwegian Navy and Armed Forces will visit the Kaliningrad region within the framework of a plan developed by the Russian Defence Ministry to enhance relations with foreign armed forces.

The agenda of the event includes a meeting with the Commander of the Baltic Fleet and visits to the fleet's men-of-war and coast facilities.

The HMS Chatham, frigate, is expected to arrive in a port of the Baltic Fleet on the same day. The two foreign delegations will pay a social visit to the Chief of Military Garrison of the town of Baltiisk. Delegates representing the three countries will also carry out friendly inspections of the sides' men-of-war.

According to the press service of the British Embassy, before docking in Baltiisk, the HMS Chatham will take part in naval manoeuvres with two Russian ships. The crew will carry out range practice and perform a training of the struggle to keep the vessel afloat. In addition, the HMS Chatham will take part in the Davenport competition. The winner man-of-war will keep the prize.

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