Source Pravda.Ru

Autumn brings German cultural celebrations to Belarus

Joint German-Belarussian cultural and educational projects entitled 'German cultural autumn' will take place in Minsk in September and October, according to the German Embassy in Belarus.

The celebrations begin with an official ceremony honouring the newly created partner relations between Minsk and Bonn. In honour of the occasion a large delegation from the former German capital will visit Minsk. German artists from Bonn will also take part in the many musical and theatrical events planned during the celebrations. In September the Goethe Institute in Minsk will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Many events will also take place in October as part of German week in Minsk. The special week of celebrations will take place under the aegis of the German Embassy and include events on the themes of 'Dialogue in culture and language,' 'Study History, 'Belarus and Germany: Market of Opportunities,' and also the opening of the information center of the German service of academic exchanges in the Belarus national technical university.

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