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USA Buys Up From Afghans Its Stinger Anti-aircraft Missiles

Representatives of the US Air Force have bought from the local Afghan chiefs in the environs of Kandahar five Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile systems of US make, having paid 150,000 dollars for each of them which is almost four times higher than its real price, the US Fox TV company has reported. Some time ago the CIA delivered about 500 Stingers to the Afghan mojaheddin to fight against the Soviet Union. By different estimates, from 50 to 100 missiles of this type, designed to hit low-flying air targets, now remain in Afghanistan. The Americans fear that the missiles may be used again the United States itself. As some officials believe, Kandahar airport is still used in daytime on a limited scale because the Stingers breed serious danger to helicopters and low-flying transport aircraft.

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