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Americans leave Ethiopia for good

04.01.2016 | Source:


Americans leave Ethiopia for good. US army base in Ethiopia closed
AP photo

The operation of the army base of the US Armed Forced in the Ethiopian town of Arba Minch has been discontinued. 

The US army base in Ethiopia was used for unmanned aerial vehicles, training, as well as for striking militants in Somalia. 

According to David Kennedy, an official representative of the US Embassy to Ethiopia, US troops were no longer in Ethiopia.

The authorities of the two countries came to the conclusion that there was no further need for US servicemen to stay in Ethiopia, the AP reports. 

Earlier, Washington refused to recognize the presence of its military facilities in Ethiopia.

The United States has troops in 171 countries around the world. It is hard to determine the actual number of US military facilities abroad, a recent report from the US Defense Department lists buildings in 38 foreign countries and territories.

The military presence of the United States is the largest in Germany - 179 bases and Japan (109). The number of US troops is a lot smaller in other countries. 


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