Source Pravda.Ru

Peacekeepers' role in Kosovo ineffective - poll

Forty-three percent of Russians said the international peacekeeping contingent deployed in Kosovo is incapable of putting an end to the Serb-Albanian conflict, and 30% expressed the opposite opinion, according to a poll.

The survey conducted by the Public Opinion foundation among 1,500 respondents has shown that 51% of those polled were opposed to Russia playing an active role in settling the inter-ethnic conflict in Kosovo, while 34%, mostly people with a higher education (43%) and men (41%), voiced the opposite view.

Another 11% said that Russia should contribute to efforts aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the conflict, 7% underscored the need for humanitarian aid, 6% mentioned military assistance for the Serb population and the rest 4% said that Russia should provide the Serbs with moral support.

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