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Vladimir Putin to visit Malaysia

Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay an official visit to Malaysia on August 4-5.

Deputy head of the Kremlin Administration Sergei Prikhodko said that the main objective of Vladimir Putin's visit to Malaysia was "to make bilateral relations between Russia and Malaysia dynamic and make them a kind of model for relations between Russia and states of Southeast Asia." The turnover between Russia and Malaysia increased by 20 percent in 2002 and made up $600 mln, Mr. Prikhodko stressed. It has also increased by 43 percent in the first three months in 2003. Sergei Prikhodko believes it can be $800 mln by the end of 2003.

According to deputy head of the Kremlin Administration, Malaysia is interested in closer hi-tech and military and technical cooperation with Russia.

A number of intergovernmental agreements on information and communications technologies as well as an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation are to be signed during Vladimir Putin's visit to Malaysia. At present, a possible flight of a Malaysian spaceman to the International Space Station is being negotiated.

As far as military and technical cooperation is concerned, it is common knowledge that a contract for delivery of Russian Su-30MKM aircraft to Malaysia was signed in May, 2003. Moreover, the Malaysian party is interested in Russian helicopters as well, Mr. Prikhodko reported.

Issues of international importance will also be on the agenda of Vladimir Putin's visit.

According to Sergei Prikhodko, the parties are going to discuss bilateral cooperation in the framework of the ASEAN. Moreover, the North Korean issue, cooperation against international terrorism as well as interaction between Russia and the Organization of the Islamic Conference will be touched upon.

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