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Bucharest: OSCE debate plan against terrorism

The 55 member states of the organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe intend to draw up an action plan against terrorism. The Romanian President of the OSCE, Foreign Minister Mircea Geoana, explained that “This action plan will define a very precise role for the OSCE in the global fight against terrorism”.

He claimed that “the terrorists should be persecuted around the world, without pity or mercy”, claiming that the world changed profoundly after September 11th.

Mircea Geoana took the opportunity to condemn the recent terrorist attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Israel. From outside the OSCE countries, US Secretary of State Colin Powell, the Japanese Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka, the special co-ordinator of the Balkans Stability Pact, Bodo Hombach and EU Exterior Relations Commissioner, Chris Patten, will be present.

Other topics to be discussed at the meeting will be ways in which to combat trafficking in arms, drugs and human beings, the development of a plan to prevent ethnic intolerance and an analysis of the situation in the Balkans and Central Asia.

The governments of Central Asia will be encouraged to adopt a lay, democratic and Islamic model of government.


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