Source Pravda.Ru

Declaration on formation of EU Russian Party signed in Prague

A declaration on the formation of the Russian Party of the European Union was signed in Prague.

The document was inked by candidate to the European Parliament of the Estonian Russian-language parties Georgy Bystrov and representatives of Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Norway and Cyprus.

The declaration says that 6 million people living in United Europe consider Russian their first language but their interests are not presented in the European Parliament and other EU establishments.

The new Russian Party is ready to present interests of the Russian-speaking population of the European Union at the European, national and regional levels and to help Russian communities and diasporas solve their specific legal and cultural problems, representatives of Georgy Bystrov's election staff told RIA Novosti.

A declaration of interests of the Russian-speaking population in the Baltic States in the European Union was signed in Prague, as well.

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