Source Pravda.Ru

Russia demands extradition of terrorists from Georgia

The Russian Prosecutor's Office has demanded from the competent bodies of Georgia that the armed men detained when attempting to cross over the border from the Russian side last weekend be extradited to the Russian side, said the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia on Monday.

The corresponding document is currently being prepared by the General Prosecutor's Office in keeping with the norms of international law and the agreements existing between Russia and Georgia, the General Prosecutor's Office noted.

The group of Chechen terrorists who took part in the bandit raid on Russia from the side of the Georgian border, had tried to return to Georgia after their gang numbering several dozen men was defeated by Russian border guards. The fact that the gang of Chechen bandits intruded into Russia from the side of Georgia several days ago with the full connivance of the Georgian authorities has served as a fresh pretext for the further deterioration of relations between the two countries.