Source Pravda.Ru

Governmental crisis escalating in Bosnia

The governmental crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina that broke out two months before parliamentary elections in the former Yugoslavian republic has reached its climax. Ministers of the New Croatian Initiative party, which represents the Croatian part of the population, have decided to block the government activities.

An official excuse for the action was the party's dissatisfaction with the stand of other members of the governing coalition, who had not supported the candidacy of Croat Frane Franic for finance minister and deputy prime minister. The NCI considered it a violation of constitutional rights of Bosnian Croats. In contrast to Muslims and Serbs, they do not have a high-ranking representative in the country's government.

Local observers believe that interests of the election campaign lie behind the governmental crisis. "The confrontation of the two peoples, Croats and Muslims, at the coming election is being prepared," was the Sarayevo radio's comment on the situation.