Source Pravda.Ru

Bangladesh to buy new fighters for its air force and replace Migs

Bangladesh is going to purchase new fighters for its air forces and replace Russian Mig-29 fighters, Prime Minister Khaleda Zia announced in Dhaka. The government was considering purchasing ultra-modern fighters and using them in UN peacekeeping operations, she said. No details of the planned bargain were released.

Khaleda Zia is simultaneously the Defence Minister of Bangladesh.

According to her, the government decided to get rid of its eight Mig-29 fighters because they "rest in inactivity and the state loses money on their maintenance." Two years ago, Russia signed a contract with Bangladesh on supplying to it eight Mig fighters. The contract's worth was 124 million US dollars, each craft worth 11 million. Dhaka paid 36 million for pilot training and spare parts.