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Private transporters went on strike in Moldovan capital

Private transporters went on strike Wednesday in the capital of Moldova, causing thousands of residents to be late for work.

The transporters, who operate some 2,000 vans which supplement city buses, were protest a refusal by the municipal council to raise prices from €0.13 to €0.20 because of rising fuel prices. The ticket price was last updated in 2001.

"Drivers can't work at these prices anymore because they are suffering losses," said Ion Mamaliga, who heads the Association of Private Transporters.

The strike paralyzed public transport, with some residents crowding aging buses, while others took their cars to work, causing traffic jams around the city.

Political analysts say city leaders refuse to allow the transporters to raise prices ahead of mayoral elections, to be held in November.

The van drivers transport about half the city's 850,000 residents daily, the AP reports.

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