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Diplomatic Relations Between Mongolia And Russia Mark 80th Anniversary

On November 5th, Ulan Bator celebrates the 80th anniversary of the day when diplomatic relations were established between Russia and Mongolia. Borislav Meshchaninov, the Russian charge d'affaires ad interim in Mongolia, said at a press conference on Monday that on November 5, 1921, for the first time ever legal foundation for bilateral cooperation between the two countries was laid. It was on that day that the government of the RSFSR and the People's Government of Mongolia signed an agreement to establish friendly relations between the two countries. The agreement was signed in Moscow. The RSFSR government endorsed that it rejected the exclusive rights and enjoyed by Tsarist Russia privileges in Mongolia. In addition, some Russian-owned property was transferred to Mongolia and approximately 5 million rubles of Mongolian debts to Tsarist Russia were written off. The Russian diplomat stressed that as a result of this agreement, significant joint projects have been implemented in Mongolia. These projects initiated the development of modern industrial production, transport, energy, and other sectors of Mongolia's economy. The formation of the legal basis for Mongolian-Russian relations has continued into the new political era as well. In 1993, the two countries' presidents signed an agreement on friendship and cooperation. Mr. Meshchaninov highlighted that the main event in relations between Russia and Mongolia was the first official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Mongolia in November 2000. The visit delivered a new momentum to growth in cooperation in all areas.

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