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It is not ruled out that bodies of two remaining victims of air crash will be never found

06.07.2002 | Source:



A German police spokesman does not rule out that the remnants of the two last victims of the air crash over Bodensee will never be discovered. The police spokesman told DPA news agency that rescuers working at the site of the fall of the Tu-154 and Boeing airliners are unsure they will be able to recover the bodies of all those killed. He confirmed that for now 69 bodies out of 71 killed had been found.

At the same time the police spokesman gave a reassurance that the search teams would do all in their power to find all those who died. "We do not know if we will manage to find the last two victims," he said, "but the search would go on until at least the beginning of next week." For the moment the bodies of 10 killed in the air crash have been identified.

On Sunday the site of the tragedy is to be visited by German President Johannes Rau.

Close to midnight on July 1, in the area of Bodensee, at an altitude of 11,000 metres, a Russian Tu-154 passenger jet of Bashkirian Airlines and a cargo Boeing 757 liner of the DHL international service company had collided in midair through, as many specialists believe, the fault of Swiss air traffic control. The Tu-154 was carrying 12 crew and 57 passengers -- 52 children going for a holiday and 5 adult child-minders. The Boeing had 2 pilots aboard. All of them died.


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