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Bomb bursts outside office in Colombo – two injured

A time bomb exploded Thursday outside the newspaper office of a Tamil political party opposed to the Tamil Tiger rebels, injuring two people, police and the defense ministry said.

The bomb was planted in a van belonging the Eelam People's Democratic Party outside the group's newspaper office in Colombo, senior police Supt. Sarath Lugoda said at the scene.

The van's driver and an aide to EPDP leader Douglas Devananda were injured, police and military spokesmen said.

Police declined to speculate on who carried out the attack. Military spokesman Brig Nalin Witharanage said bomb experts were at the scene. "It is too early to put a blame, but our investigators are on the job," he said.

The EPDP, a coalition partner in the government, has in the past been targeted by Tamil Tiger rebels, their bitter rivals, reports the AP. I.L.

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