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Russia Proposes That Terrorism Be Classified As Crime Against Humanity

Russia has proposed that international law no longer classify terrorism as a general crime, but consider it as a special category of "especially dangerous crimes against humanity," said Vladimir Rushailo, the Secretary of Russia's Security Council, in Warsaw. Mr. Rushailo heads the Russian delegation at the international conference on combating terrorism which opened in the Polish capital on Tuesday. The Russian representative also proposed that "a unified list of threats and challenges posed by international terrorism and means of combating them" be outlined. According to Mr. Rushailo, it is necessary to unify customs duties, border-crossing procedures, and movement of capital. He also proposed taking coordinated measures to strengthen security on air, rail, and car transport. The Russian official urged participants in the conference to consistently reiterate that "we are not fighting against Islam as a religion" and "give support for constructive ideas coming from Muslim communities." The heads of states and high-ranking officials from the countries of Central, East, and South-East Europe are taking part in the conference.

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