Source Pravda.Ru

US authorities close air space for G8 summit

The US Federal Aviation Administration had informed RIA Novosti that the air space within a 65km radius of the forthcoming G8 summit was closed last night (at about 4 a.m. Moscow time).

The G8 summit will be held on June 8-10 on Sea Island in Georgia.

The air space will remain closed until midday Friday, June 11.

The toughest restrictions will be in place within a 16km radius over Sea Island, where the international leaders will convene for their meetings.

The US authorities have only given flying permission for Pentagon planes and helicopters, as well as those flown by law-enforcement agencies assisting the US Secret Service, which is in charge of summit security.

During the G8 session, journalists have been banned from using helicopters to take aerial footage, while hot air balloons, parachutists and other enthusiasts have also been prohibited from entering the zone.

A similar ban will imposed from the morning of June 8 over the international press center in Savanna. Only regular commercial passenger flights will be allowed to fly in and out of local airports provided they have the relevant permission.

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