Source Pravda.Ru

Europe for establishment of single scientific environment with Russia

The European Commission - the EU supreme executive body - hopes a new agreement on Russia-EU cooperation in science and technology signed at the Russia-EU summit in Rome on November 6 will contribute to setting up a single scientific environment and strengthening scientific and research activities in the framework of the EU programs.

The press service of the European Commission stressed that the agreement was a basis for development of mutual fundamental research in different fields including biochemistry, Earth surveillance, as well as in IT, social science and in scientific personnel training.

Moreover, the parties will cooperate in strict accordance with the legislation existing in each state party to the agreement.

Over 500 Russian scholars are eager to participate in EU scientific and research programs to be implemented until 2006 with a total budget of 75 mln euros, the EC press service reported.

The previous agreement on Russia-EU scientific and research cooperation signed in May 2001 expired on December 31, 2002.

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