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Peace activists gather in Cuba to create group against foreign military bases

Peace activists gathered in Cuba Monday for a conference aimed at creating a global organization against military bases operating in foreign countries _ particularly the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Some 60 delegates from 24 countries attended the conference, organized by the World Peace Council and running through Thursday.

"Condemnation is no longer enough," Manuel Terrazas, the president of the Mexican Movement for Peace, said. "It's time for concrete action ... to coordinate what needs to be done to achieve the dismantling of all foreign military bases in the world."

In opening remarks, Orlando Fundora, the leader of the Cuban Movement for Peace, said U.S. military bases caused "environmental, social and ideological depravation" throughout Latin America, including Aruba, Curacao, Barbados, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras and Cuba.

"Humanity and the planet have never been as threatened and assailed as they are now," he said.

Cuba has long opposed the presence of the Guantanamo base, which operates in the eastern part of the island under a treaty signed long before the 1959 revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power.

Some of the delegates planned to travel Wednesday to the Cuban city of Guantanamo, but not to the U.S. base, AP reported. V.A.

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