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What a night for Obama!

The sitting President of the United States of America has won his second presidential election. According to media reports, Barack Obama has received 303 votes for the required minimum of 270, whereas Republican Mitt Romney obtained the votes from 203 electors.

Romney was leading the election at first, but the situation changed when Obama won in the key state of Iowa, where he won 52 percent of votes, while Romney gained 46. Obama was also supported in the states of New York, Ohio, California, Wisconsin, Washington, New Hampshire and Hawaii.

Republican Mitt Romney won in Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri and North Carolina, adds Forbes.

Barack Obama has thanked his followers for their support. On his page on Facebook Obama wrote: "Four more years."

It is worth mentioning that the results of U.S. elections are decided not by simple correlation of the percentage of votes, but by territorial model. A candidate who receives most votes in a state takes all electoral votes on this territory. Each state has a certain number of electoral votes equal to the number of representatives in the Congress. The total number of electors in the country is 538. The winner is a candidate with at least 270 votes.


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