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Pretended plastic surgeon arrested in Mexico

Mexican police arrested a man who allegedly posed as a plastic surgeon and performed facelift, liposuction and breast and rear implant operations.

Agustin Huerta Navarro, 48, was taken to prison Thursday on suspicion of committing crimes of medical irresponsibility and damages, the Jalisco state attorney general's office said in a statement.

Of the 43 complaints former patients filed against Huerta Navarro, seven were deemed serious enough to prompt the arrest warrant.

Huerta Navarro is a doctor but did not specialize in plastic surgery, making it illegal for him to perform such operations in Mexico , the attorney general's office said.

According to the statement, he often pressured patients to undergo surgery _ sometimes the same day he met them.

Huerta Navarro had been confined to his house since Nov. 8, when a number of patients filed complaints.

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