Source Pravda.Ru

Dollar up, gold down

The U.S. dollar rose against other major currencies in European trading Friday morning. Gold fell.

The euro was quoted at US$1.2836, down from US$1.2912 Thursday.

Other dollar rates:

-108.59 Japanese yen, up from 108.33

-1.2067 Swiss francs, up from 1.1996

-1.2236 Canadian dollars, up from 1.2190

The British pound was quoted at US$1.8697, down from US$1.8771.

Gold traded in London at US$425.40 bid per troy ounce, down from US$426.60 late Thursday.

In Zurich the bid price was US$425.35, down from US$426.75.

Gold fell US$1.60 to close at US$426.85 an ounce in Hong Kong.

Silver traded in London at US$7.01 bid per troy ounce, down from US$7.10.

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