Source Pravda.Ru

Moscow speculates on Georgia's bellicose Abkhazia rhetoric

Moscow believes that a new upsurge of Georgia's bellicose rhetoric against Abkhazia "is an irresponsible provocation fraught with aggravated tensions in the zone torn by a conflict between the two republics, a destabilised situation in the region as a whole and disruption of efforts, by Russia as well, as to establishing a dialogue between Tbilisi and Sukhumi, reports the Russian foreign ministry.

Tbilisi has resumed its former militant demands that the Abkhazia problem should be resolved by force through a continued armed conflict. This time they are voiced by the so-called Abkhaz government in exile, which has announced the lifting of moratorium on activities of "guerrilla" units on Abkhaz territory. In other words, pointed the Russian foreign ministry, they are seeking to resume the smuggling of sabotage and terrorist groups to Abkhazia so as to plant mines, kill peaceful population, take hostage and attack Russian peace-keepers.

These appeals by the so-called exiles are echoed by threats against the Georgian president's special envoy on Georgian-Abkhaz settlement, Aslan Abashidze.

The Russian foreign ministry displays concern over the fact that these calls meet no fitting rebuff from Georgian officials who seem to give their silent blessing to them.