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US initiates controlled chaos with airstrikes, drives refugees into Europe

At least 11 Afghan police officers were killed because of the US Air Force friendly fire. Counternarcotics police department was hit with the airstrike while being on a mission in Helmand province.

Andrey Koshkin, an expert of the Military Political Scientists Association, commented Pravda.Ru on whether there will follow punishment in such a case.

"The Americans say that every such a case is investigated. And if there is strong evidence, criminal charges are filed. It is not only pilot, who can be guilty, an unmanned vehicle is also operated," Andrey Koshkin claimed.

According to the expert, the Americans do not allow an international tribunal on Afghanistan, so that similar cases would not be investigated at the international level.

Koshkin also stated that it is one of the grounds for more intense refugees flow into Europe. "It heightens tension, first of all, among the population, that is always under stress and fear. The fact that such unbridled use of force does not come out at court, increases just even more tension and flow of refugees. Today, this flow is directed at such European countries as France, Great Britain, Germany, which are the most economically developed ones," Koshkin noted.

The expert explained why this flow is so intense right now, as there always used to be refugees. "There is such a feeling that somebody gave the go-ahead. They all rushed onto the boats, buses, trains, decided to overcome borders. Most probably, there are political forces, which are interested in destabilizing Europe, economically. Maybe, the US wants make the EU countries realize that they are subjected to very serious chaotic movements from outside, which may bring the social political calm to the verge".

Andrey Koshkin is sure, that the US needs that for total control and dictation of their own terms. "Moreover, they took to serious discussions of this problem in their agencies. But destabilization keeps up growing, and the US does not take any radical measures. They just initiate this controlled chaos with the help of airstrikes and other strange acts."

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