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Austria Celebrating Victory Over German Fascism

09.05.2001 | Source:



Austria is celebrating Victory Day, the victory over German fascism. As the RIA Novosti correspondent reports, this Wednesday events on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the victory over German fascism, organised by Austrian-Russian societies, are taking place all over the country. In the Central Cemetery of Vienna wreaths and flowers are being laid to the graves of Soviet soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of Austria. Wreaths will be laid also at the Monument to the Soviet Soldier-Liberator in a central square of Vienna - Schwarzenbergplaz. It is one of the most beautiful monuments to Soviet soldiers in Europe. The Vienneses tenderly call it Alyosha. The flowers at the Monument to the Soldier-Liberator in Schwarzenbergplaz will be laid also on behalf of President of the Austrian Nationalrat Heinz Fischer and other leaders of the republic. Members of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, of the Russian Consulate General in Salzburg, the Russian missions in international organisations, trade missions and of other Russian organisations working in Austria will be taking part in the ceremony. In the evening celebrations on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the Victory will take place in Russian offices in Austria.


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