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Russian aircraft to fly to Syria via Greek and Iranian airspace

Tehran has granted permission to Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid on board to fly above the territory of Iran to Syria, the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Iran, Maxim Suslov said, Pravda.Ru reports with reference to TASS.

Earlier, the authorities of Bulgaria officially announced their decision not to grant such a permission to two Russian aircraft to fly in the Bulgarian airspace to Syria.

Meanwhile, Greece has also authorized the flyover of Russian airplanes to Syria via Greek airspace, officials at the Russian Embassy in Greece said Wednesday.

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"The press service of the embassy of the Russian Federation confirms the receipt of the permission from the Greek authorities for the flyover of Russian airplanes via the airspace of Greece," a representative of the Russian diplomatic mission in Athens told Interfax.

As for Bulgaria, Bulgarian officials said that the Russian airplanes with humanitarian cargo on board would be allowed to fly through the air corridor of Bulgaria only if the planes could be inspected prior to departure. "If Russian colleagues agree to have the airplanes inspected at the Bulgarian airport, we will issue a permit for the flights," Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov said.

Representatives of the State Duma of the Russian Federation said that Russia would find an adequate response to such a move from Bulgaria. According to Russian MPs, Bulgaria's suspicions about the possibility for the Russian aircraft to carry weapons to Syria were unfriendly.


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