Source Pravda.Ru

Czech Prime Minister: It Is Necessary To Destroy Bin Laden's Terrorist Network

It is necessary to destroy bin Laden's terrorist network in different regions, in Albania and Chechnya, in particular, Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman told a news conference after the negotiations with his Russian counterpart Mikhail Kasyanov. Milos Zeman highly appreciated the efforts of the Russian government, president and prime minister on fighting international terrorism. Zeman and Kasyanov confirmed the necessity to stimulate the struggle against the international terrorism after the terrorist attacks on the USA. The Prime Ministers agreed the international terrorism cannot be fought within one country, for instance Afghanistan. This struggle will be long and it needs effective means, Zeman noted. The possibility of Russia joining NATO should not be rejected a priori if Moscow is interested in it, the Czech Prime Minister stressed. NATO's activities are not directed against any country, effective struggle against international terrorism is the aim of the North-Atlantic Alliance, Zeman noted.