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Petroleos Mexicanos controls two oil pipeline leaks

Mexican state oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos yesterday confirmed two oil pipeline spills in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz that were brought under control without interruptions in service.

The leaks were located at Papantla and Tihuatlan, both near the city of Tuxpan 155 miles (250 kilometers) northeast of Mexico City.

Pemex spokesman Roberto Franco Quiroz said only 250 liters (65 gallons) of oil spilled from the pipeline in Tihuatlan, but did not have information about the size of the spill at Papantla.

Papantla Mayor Martin Rizo Lopez said the leak was discovered early Friday morning when oil was seen floating in El Tajin creek, where it killed turtles and fish. Pemex employees repaired the leak within 24 hours, said Rizo, who did not know how much oil spilled.

Pemex has suffered a series of spills, leaks and explosions in recent months, exposing the company's neglected, aging infrastructure, reported AP.

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