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American Aircraft Crashes In Pakistan

A total of ten American soldiers were killed and eight injured in the crash of the USAF tanker aircraft that took place in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan on Wednesday, reports the News paper, quoting eye-witnesses' evidence. According to the US Central Command's Wednesday press-release, only 7 marines were on board the aircraft. The newspaper says the aircraft crashed while trying to land at the Shamsi air base, 460 km away from Quetta, the Baluchistan capital. The neighbouring villages' inhabitants saw huge flames and heard a powerful explosion. Witnesses say some of the 15 USAF fighters and 6 helicopters were damaged. Pakistani troops have cordoned off the whole area surrounding the base. The News says this is a third accident with USAF aircraft in Pakistan after the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan was launched. All the accidents took place in Baluchistan.

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