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Russia, Germany Discussed Non-proliferation Of Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Weapons

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Georgy Mamedov and representative of Germany's Foreign Ministry Rudiger Ludeking on Wednesday discussed in Moscow the problems of strengthening the regime of the non-proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, says the report about the Russian-German meeting concerning strategic stability, disarmament and the non-proliferation of the mass destruction weapons. As the report points out, Georgy Mamedov gave a general assessment of the situation in the sphere of strategic stability "in view of the United States' erroneous decision to withdraw from the ABM Treaty." He underscored the importance of active international efforts "with the aim of preventing a judicial vacuum and a damage to further efforts in the sphere of disarmament and non-proliferation." Rudiger Ludeking was also informed about the main moments of the continuing Russian-American dialogue for working out a new framework for strategic relations between Russia and the United States which has to take into consideration the legitimate interests of the third countries. "There is a general understanding of the necessity of the earliest conclusion of a new Russian-American treaty on a radical reduction of strategic nuclear weapons to the level not topping 2,200 nuclear warheads in any case," says the report of the Russian Foreign Ministry's department.

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