Source Pravda.Ru

Moscow and Tbilisi to continue cooperation in rehabilitating economy in Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone

Russia and Georgia have agreed to continue cooperation in restoring the economy in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone. This was the central question discussed at a Moscow meeting of the joint commission of the two countries on the settlement of the conflict.

At issue is armed confrontation dating from the early 90s between Georgia and South Ossetia, a northern Georgian territory near the border with Russia. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union South Ossetia declared its secession from Georgia and its desire to join Russia. A CIS peacekeeping force is currently staying in the self-proclaimed republic.

Mikhail Mayorov, head of the Russian part of the commission, said that it was decided to work out an inter-state programme for rehabilitating the economy in the conflict zone. A programme for returning refugees will also be drawn up.

According to the Russian representative, the status of South Ossetia was not considered at the session.