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Mass extinction of species on Earth

11.01.2002 | Source:



Donald Levin, an American biologist from the University of Texas, concludes his studies in the review American scientist. A specialist in integrated biology at the College of Natural Sciences, he is classifying the extinction rates of existing species.

Although extinction is a natural process, something strange is happening, according to Donald Levin. He calculates that one species becomes extinct every 20 minutes, which is between a hundred and a thousand times the “normal” extinction rate.

As an example, he quoted the bird population on the Pacific Ocean Islands, stating that 2,000 species (or 15% of the world total) have become extinct since humans colonised these islands. He claims that there have been five mass extinctions of life on Earth, after each of which millions of years were necessary for the biodiversity of species to be re-established.

While the onslaught of humankind continues to destroy gratuitously natural habitats of other beings which have existed for millions of years, this trend can only continue downwards. What a sorry legacy we shall leave behind if more of us do not speak out and make a difference.



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