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Russian Parliamentarian Proposes Creation Of International Organization To Protect Rights Of Compatriots Abroad

Chairman of the State Duma foreign affairs committee Dmitri Rogozin has proposed that an international organization to protect the rights of compatriots abroad be set up. While appearing at a Moscow Congress of Compatriots Living Abroad on Thursday, the deputy said that it was also necessary to introduce amendments to the law on the status of compatriots, which, in his opinion, has a "declarative nature." According to Rogozin, a law on the national-cultural status of the Russian nation should be adopted and a commission affiliated to the president on the status of the Russian people and language should also be set up. In addition, the deputy spoke for the need to simplify the procedure for compatriots seeking visas and Russian citizenship and that a state archive on Russian emigration be established, along with foreign federal districts for parliamentary elections in Russia.

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