Source Pravda.Ru

Uzbek Ambassador To Russia Calls On World Community To Have Compassion For Afghan People

Uzbek Ambassador to Russia Shokasym Shoislamov called the world community to have compassion for the Afghan people. He announced this at a news conference in Moscow Thursday. Shoislamov recalled that millions of Afghans were refugees in their countries "due to the actions of the authorities ruling Afghanistan in the recent years." Uzbekistan is not to take any military actions against Afghanistan, the Ambassador stressed. According to Shoislamov, "attacks at Afghanistan by the troops of any other state launched from the Uzbek territory are out of the question." One military aerodrome was given to the USA to carry out humanitarian and search and rescue operations if needed, he noted. Shoislamov does not regard the Taliban threats to punish Uzbekistan for the cooperation with the United States as serious.